Department of Business and Management Studies(DBMS)

Department of Business and Management Studies has been continuously proving its excellent academic records in order to produce employable graduates to the labour market.

The Department of Business and Management Studies (DBMS) of the Faculty of Communication and Business Studies (FCBS) offers the following degree programs:-

1. General (Three-Year) Degree Programme

Bachelor of Science in Management

At the first year, all the students will be admitted to B.Sc. in Management degree programme During this period, subjects will be offered as common to all students. The duration of the general degree programme is three years.

2. Special Degree Programmes

B.Sc. in Management/ Marketing Management / Human Resource Management / Accountancy and Financial Management / Information Management

Students who are interested to read special degree courses will be advised to choose the correct courses at the end of the first (1st) year of study. Students may apply to follow a special degree programme in any one of the following subjects: Accountancy and Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, and Information Management. Those who are not willing to specialize in any of the above subject areas could also precede to fourth year of study, if they fulfill the relevant requirements indicated below:

The minimum requirements to enter into a specified 4-year degree programme are as follow. (i) A candidate is eligible for Diploma in Management;

(ii)The specialisation subjects are for

(a) Specialisation in Marketing Management

• GMT 1073 Theory and Practice of Marketing Year 1 and

• MMT 2013 Consumer Behaviour Year II; OR


(b) Specialisation in Human Resource Management • GMT 1083 Human Resource Management Year I and • HRM 2013 Organisational Behaviour Year II; OR 

(c) Specialisation in Accounting and Financial Management • GMT 1023 Financial Accounting Year 1 and • AFM 2013 Advanced Financial Accounting Year II; OR 

(d) Special Degree in Information Management • GMT 1033 Computer Literacy and Application Year 1 and • INF 2013 Introduction to Computer Technology Year II; OR 

(e) Special Degree in Management • GMT 1013 Process and Perspective of Mgt. Year I and • Any of the Year II subjects mentioned above in (a), (b), (c), or (d). 

Notes: (a) In addition to the above criteria, students are advised to consult with a relevant academic staff for further understanding of the details of the handbook. (b) The demand of the students and the availability of staff must also be considered to offer the specialization programme(s). However, in order to allow the students to do the majoring in any one of the streams mentioned above (Acc. & Fin. Mgt. / Marketing / HRM / Information Mgt.); we need relevant staff and at least ten (10) students. (c) To proceed with the respective special degree, the minimum number should be Ten (10) students. 

The degree programme, which is either of three or four year-duration, will be offered through either six or eight semesters, respectively. The medium of instruction of the degree programmes is English. Courses are conducted under the credit unit system. Each semester has duration of 15 weeks. General Degree and Special Degree programmes have 90 and 120 credit hours, respectively. One credit will be equivalent to either 15 contact hours of lectures or 30 hours of practical.


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