Department of Languages and Communication Studies


The Department of Languages and Communication Studies of the Faculty of Communication and Business Studies, Trincomalee Campus of Eastern University Sri Lanka, located in between Nilaweli Road and North-East Coast in the scenic beauty, provides two degree programmes.

They are:-

1. Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

2. Bachelor of Arts in Languages 

Both the study programmes are conducted in English medium covering range of subjects enabling the students to be employable. Three year General Degree Programme and four year Special Degree Programme are available in these two degree programmes. Students can make their choice between General Degree and Special Degree Programme. The General Degree programme is offered through six semesters and the Special Degree programme is offered through eight semesters. Courses are conducted under the credit — based system. Each semester has 15 weeks 

duration for teaching. General Degree and Special Degree programmes have 90 and 120 credit hours, respectively. 

One credit will be equivalent to either 15 contact hours of lectures or 30 hours of practical. 

The Department may not be in a position to commence a General D eligible candidates. 

egree Programme if there are less than five (05) 


About FCBS

In its formative years the Trincomalee Campus functioned as an Affiliated University Collage(AUC) operating under the umbrella of affiliated colleges funded by the University Grants Commission in the early nineties to help those to whom the conventional universities closed their doors. Read more....



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